WOW! Need to Assess…and update!

Oh My word!!! I was thinking it is time to do a blog again, but with an update on where I am weight/exercise wise, then Adam went and added a bunch of goals to my goal list, which I feel need some explaining/refuting/or checking off, and then just a plain old update of all the excitement/thoughts since last Wednesday,…been alot of stuff going on…so you might want to go grab a bottle of water, perhaps an apple and settle in for a long read! Don’t let me forget about the “pound for a cause” thingy!

Let’s start with the fitness/food/exercise update. The last time I wrote about this, I had gained for the first time in 2009. I have not weighed in since then. Fortunately, this has not been ad avoidance thing. It was a practical thing. Since weighing in last, I have been in GR, more than I have been home. I have actually only been home for 2 days so my regularly appointed scale was not available to me. My plan is to weigh in tomorrow when I get home. IN fact, I will get up and go back to the “D” and go straight to the scale and see where I am at. One would think I would be nervous about this as I have not been counting calories, although I am quite certain 95% of the time I did not go over calories. I have sucked at eating “regularly” often going far to long between meals or skipping meals completely. And since often others were cooking for me or I was eating out, counting just became far too much of a chore and I got lazy. On top of that, my exercise has not been regular. Lots of excuses really. It turned cold again…and who wants to run in the cold? And I can’t get into my old Y because they have a new policy about guests. All this to say, I hope I have held steady…but I will take whatever it is like a man…and go again. I am actually looking forward to getting home and re-establishing the routine I had just begun to get a grasp on before I started all this travelling back and forth. SO that is that! Not beating myself up, just looking at reality and preparing to go strong….and hit that 50 LB mark next week….for DANG SURE!!!

NOW, I don’t know if any of you actually pay attention to my goal list on my sidebar…but if you do…you will notice that last night it grew!! By almost 15! Adam had my computer and we were talking about skiing next year and we discovered that wasn’t on the list…so I had him add it. Well, he went a bit overboard and decided to make up some goals for me as well. But since somehow I think I agreed to keep these up here for a week, I feel the need to explain them in some way!

solo sail around the world-while this would be fun….I would get far too lonely, so not gonna happen!

go BASE jumping-Umm Nope, not unless he does it with me! And he is a chicken so it also not likely to happen!

play rock band drums on expert-LOL, if you all only knew how bad I was at drums! I can not even clap on beat at church, so Rock Band Drums on Easy is hilarious let alone Expert!! But this I will attempt…Besides, attempting means I come back to GR for the opportunity! Have a Rock Band Party…I will come!

play the trumpet-Been there done that…back in Jr. High…But I will learn again…soon…and play for him…although since he is an expert player (tongue in cheek) I am sure I will be quite intimidated!

do a flip off the diving board-I do not jump off of things…including diving boards…so doing a flip will be a feat…I will agree to this one!

clean the Medema Mansion-Have done this before. (this is his home, so that is why he wants me to clean it!)

do a handstand-Adam you left the pool early on filming day..I did this…and have it on video!!! Snooze you lose my friend!

go surfing-might be fun…we will see

lay on a bed of nails-He is nuts! I do not like pain without a purpose…there is no purpose in this!

walk across burning coals-see bed of nails!

blow bubbles-So are you saying Adam I need to be like a child again? Not a problem! Will you blow with me?

tight rope walk the Grand Canyon-You first!!!

OK, this is longer than I thought…I will update you on the TV commercial, the fundraiser, and umm my weigh in tomorrow!


11 thoughts on “WOW! Need to Assess…and update!

  1. Glad you blogged. I was missing you. 🙂 Anyway…I can’t see the goal list. I see the title…but under it is a block that says enter your task here. Not sure what that’s about. Sounds like some fun goals and some totally outrageous stuff. Come visit this summer and you can cross the flip off the diving board off your list. 🙂

  2. Jen, the goal list sometimes loads funny! Sometimes if you refresh it you can see it. I am certain Adam will want to be witness to the flip…but I would love to visit anyway!

    Yes…I agree Afatgirl (I feel rude typing that! What is your real name?)

  3. I can’t see the list either 😦 I heard its a wonderful one full of stuff that a real cool person would want to do. Your totally doing the flip this summer but we can start with baby steps with a regular dive first 🙂

  4. Adam, I am glad you showed yourself! I had doubts about whether you would take the bait or not! I am kind of hoping that I don’t have time this summer to come to GR and lounge by your pool, let alone get over my fear of jumping/flipping!

  5. Kim:

    I can’t see the goal list either 😦

    I think you should attempt the flip….how bad can it be…a few bruised ribs, a red stomach….hahahahaha


  6. I am bummed you guys cannot see the list…it is up on my screen!! But at least I typed out the Adam-ridiculous ones!!

  7. Can’t see it either 😦 Maybe your computer is pulling an April Fool’s joke on you. 🙂 I have to say again , you got me good and you stepped up to the challenge and you showed me what you GOT! 🙂
    You are so lucky to have the people in your life that you do. I am a bit envious as well. I wish I had that here. Your goals are awesome, at least the ones you posted about. I can hardly wait to see the video of you doing that flip. I myself can’t dive, flip or do much in the water. So Ms. Ariel I am sure you accomplish that goal just like you do with all the others. You continue to inspire with all that you do.

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