The longest day of my life!

Yes friends, if you didn’t know it before, you know it now, I am back in my beloved GR this week. Yes I know, I should just move back here. After tonight I am convinced I will figure out a way! My trip this time, was 2 fold. One I had long standing symphony tickets….and since the TBL video submission deadline is fast approaching, the plan was to have my video completed tonight…after some last minute filming on Monday.

After filming on Monday, it was decided that Wednesday at 8:30, the premiere viewing of my video would take place. Outside of one small clip ABS showed me on Monday, I have seen nothing of this project. No footage or anything. I simply had to trust a man, I don’t know very well, but who is good friends with Coach and Aaron, whom I trust without question. Needless to say, I have been anxiously awaiting Wednesday at 8:30. I am not one to usually lose sleep over things, but I was sooo excited, I have not slept well the last 2 nights and well, I am not so sure I am gonna sleep tonight either!

I did not have a huge agenda for the day, but I was meeting one friend for coffee and then having a sushi dinner with a few friends prior to the Premiere, as we have taken to calling it. But I also had a couple friends who have been integral to my journey coming over to watch the video at 8:30 as well. We had a lovely dinner, but while at dinner, Adam gets a text message from ABS, “need more time” is the basic gist of the message. And ABS didn’t want me at the house until he was really ready, lest I see something before the big viewing. SO…we couldn’t go back yet. As time passed, further text messages were coming in, expounding the woes of technology and how even more time was needed. At 8:15 I said, we needed to leave the restaurant and go somewhere else. We ended up at the mall, sitting in massage chairs and visiting the Apple store and painfully killing time. While at the apple store…we get another message. “40 minutes…I am not kidding!”

My face fell. All of the anticipation that had been building just deflated. I knew there would be people at the house, waiting. And of course I was awaiting this, but what can one do when technology won’t cooperate! Shortly after that Scottie gets a phone call, that basically says that we can come, even though it isn’t quite ready, my friends would rather watch me squirm there. But I overheard something that led me to believe that the stalling had all been intentional. SO I began to suspect trickery. But I had no idea!!!

As we pull up, there is a “no parking” sign in the driveway and as I look up, there are people standing in the driveway…I thought, that crazy ABS is making them wait in the cold? As I got out, a floodlight came on and I noticed a “red carpet” covering the entire length of the driveway. (They have a long driveway) There were “paparazzi”present all along the carpet taking photos as I walked up. And music was playing….”I’m too sexy”! Yep, of course I had to strut my stuff on the “cat walk”As I walked, I had a feather boa put on me, flowers placed in my hand, and eventually a tiara got placed on my head. It was hilarious fun! My friends LOVE me! This I know! For their actions tell me so!

When we finally made it into the house, we had a champagne toast! You seriously would have thought that a “big deal” celebrity had just arrived. I was overwhelmed. It was then I began to realize and connect the dots to conversations I had with Aaron and Carol and began to see…they were ALL in on this. This was not the work of just one person! But about a dozen, all working to surprise me! It worked guys! I don’t think I have ever been so surprised in my life!

We finally moved into the viewing room to watch the video, where ABS and RD introduced the film and their experience working on it. I was touched and overwhelmed by their words. We watched the video and while I cannot post it or tell you much about it, I can say ABS and RD are geniuses at taking me and my story and telling it in such a beautiful way without taking away from who I am. The whole thing reflected who I am at my core. It was funny, vulnerable, honest and real. It was me! I was stunned into silence. Even now I have no adequate words to express what I think and feel. I feel like I have just reported the excitement of the day. But what else can I add?

I am loved. If I ever doubted or questioned it before….there is nothing of that remaining. And while the waiting was frustrating…in the end it was well worth it!

I am wordless when it comes to what I feel, not because I am not feeling anything, but there are no words to describe it all, that exist in the English language!

When I get some of the pictures of all of the trickery that went down…I will post them for you all to see!


7 thoughts on “The longest day of my life!

  1. Kim…that is soooo incredible. You are definitely loved beyond measure! It’s obvious that you are treasured by your friends. I wish that I could have been there somewhere in the background to just watch. You know like the crazy fans screaming from behind the ropes. 🙂


    **waving madly and nudging the guy next to me**

    “I think that she looked right at me”

    Awesome. Unbelievably awesome!!!

  2. Jen, you are funny! And yes I am beyond blessed by them. I keep trying to draft Thank You’s for them all and I am stumped by the lack of words I have to express what I am feeling.

  3. I’m with Jen–it would have been fun to be there cheering you on! You described it so beautifully that I feel like I was 🙂 I’m so happy that you have amazing and supportive friends in your life who take the time to show you how they feel. I do too and I know how important that is.

    I’m now projecting myself into the future–at another fantastic red carpet event (a finale, perhaps 😉 ) where I just may be in the crowd chanting “Kim Kim Kim” when the confetti flies.

    Can’t wait until you can show us some pics!

  4. I have to say I was in tears reading this post. Of course it doesn’t take much for me to cry, but this did. I was so touched about what your friends did for you and that has to be one awesome feeling. You are so lucky to have that support of friends there. You truly are blessed.
    I can tell that you will go far in this journey and I am so proud of all that you are doing. Keep up the great work and I too look forward to seeing the pictures. Maybe next week they’ll be in the National Inquire or better yet you’ll be named as this years most fascinating person in People magazine 🙂

  5. Kim:

    It was fun to hear all about it behind the scenes knowing that you were going to have an awesome evening. You are truly a blessing to all of your friends….that is why they love you so much.

    I hope that I will be able to see the video someday.

    Sue (Carollynn’s friend)

    Thanks for all the inspiration….you are on an amazing journey that we are all sharing with you and learning so much ourselves along the way!!!

  6. WOW!!!! Kim, I couldn’t stop smiling when I read your exerpt of the the Red Carpet evening. What an amazing way for God to smile upon you.

  7. Thank you all for your oh so kind words! Jennileigh and Teresa…I dont want you in teh crowd cheering my name…I want you standing next to me…under the lights as one of the final 4!!!!

    Sue, so glad you stopped by and made yourself known! Carol certainly is a trixster!

    Coach said this to me last night and I cannot get it out of my head…this is my paraphrase…”people seem surprised when you tell them how your friends support you and gather around you…but what they don’t know, is how incredibly easy you are to love!! This is not any work to pull this off fo ryou tonight, it is easy and no bother or trouble at all to do this for someone so easy to love!

    And here I often think I am jsut plain wonky!

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