Red Carpet Photo Extravaganza!

These are not in any particular order….just whatever order they uploaded in….
On the catwalk, I think I just realized that “I’m too Sexy” is what is being played! SO of course I had to do my little turn on the catwalk, yeaahhh!

Aaron is attempting to pop the bubbly as I think I am beginning to see the lies! lies! lies! that have been told or at least truths withheld as they pulled together this surprise!

Some of the paparazzi!

And here is the tiara and boa! I think the flowers are on the counter next to my right arm!!

Me and my friend Jason…apparently at the end of the Red Carpet, and it looks like I am burning it up!!

Listening to Coach as he toasts me and my “ever increasingly smaller ass”! (His favorite thing to say to me!)

All the glasses…and see that gorgeous woman…that is the script director extraordinaire(RD) and ABS, who have spent I don’t KNOW how many hours putting all this together!! and of course Aaron.

This is ABS, the most amazing cinematographer, producer, creative genius, I have ever met…ok he is the only one I have ever met and known, but still!! He has such a way of making me feel comfortable in front of a camera…as comfortable as one who is not an actor can be anyway! I guess comfortable is not the word…safe…I felt safe sharing my story on camera in front of him!

I’m to sexy….yeah……

The red carpet…all laid out…I am approaching it and am beginning to realize the surprise!

And ….the title page to my video…no you cannot click on it and make it play…it is just a photo of the tv screen!

8 thoughts on “Red Carpet Photo Extravaganza!

  1. What great pictures! Thanks so much for sharing this great experience with us. You can tell that you truly are enjoying yourself and working that red carpet. before you know it you’ll also have the title of the Next Top Supermodel 😉 Yes, that will be You… Loving the pictures and can hardly wait to see less of you 🙂

  2. You guys are funny!! Next Top model?? As for the video, I cannot do anything with it until the casting process is over. If not selected, then I will make decisions about whether I am gonna post it anywhere online or not. If selected, well then it is out of my hands…and up to NBC!

  3. I love the photos!!

    I hope you don’t mind a new follower 😉 (I found you on Jason’s blog; loved your post over there!)

  4. What..No new posts while I was away 😦 I hope that all is going OK with you and all your visits to GR. I am feeling better and wanted too thank you as well for the well wishes. I plan on working out on Thursday and see how it goes from there. keep in touch when you can. I missed you as well and missed blogging. No it’s catch up time 🙂

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