Thoughts for the new photo…

I was trying to post this photo I found from a trip I took last year to my blog header. However, as it posted it was far to big…so I clicked the shrink to fit button and this is what I got! At first I tried to change it up and “fix” it so it looked “right”, then I realized that this is what I always do…make things “right”.

SO I began to look at the photo and realized it can actually tell a story too…that fits with this journey…so here are my thoughts.

Sometimes as I travel along, (particularly in light of a gain week) I feel like I am thrashing around a bit, lost and like there just is no road or even a path to be travelling on. The journey is hard and I get scratched up from the trees and may even tumble into poison ivy or trip over roots coming up out of the ground. Then I get so caught up in the very spot I am and how I don’t know how I got so far off the path that I cannot see it anymore! But the truth is, if I stop looking down at the ground immediately before me, I am not so far off the path. If you look at the photo, the road can still be seen, and is pretty easy to get to actually…I just gotta get my eyes off the immediate circumstances and focus on the distance…where I am headed…and keep moving. The trees, roots, poison ivy and any other obstacle can be my training tools to ensure I make it the whole distance or they can be obstacles that hinder me. I get to choose.

Lord help me to see them as tools when I feel like this and when I miss Him showing me…I am sure you all will be quick to point out a new tool! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Thoughts for the new photo…

  1. I love the new photo and it looks just perfect. It;’s a nice change to your blog as well. I totally get what you are saying. On this journey we all have obstacles that get in our way, but as long as we can continue to see were we are heading, it will be OK. At least that’s what i got from it. Makes perfect sense to me 🙂

  2. I love the photo too! It really remind me of my vision… In it I’m walking along, as I do, on this journey of mine, climbing over stuff, seeing great views, encountering obstacles, etc. Then one day, as I round a corner, I see the baby I’ve been walking towards waiting patiently for me on a rock in a clearing.

    I don’t know when that day will come, but I know that I have to keep on walking.

  3. Excellent thoughts! I’m not sure I’m a deep enough thinker to run with this crowd 🙂 lol

    Thanks for always giving me some good food for thought.

  4. Hanlie…what an exciting thing to look forward to! And an amazing reward for all your hard work!

    Teresa, I am an anlyzer by nature…I am always thinking about something…gets me in trouble sometimes.

    Amy!! Ahhh don’t give me an extra one!! Only 2.5 to go! 🙂

  5. I am at a loss for words are I really don’t know what to say. I am going through a lot as many of us do daily. I do have top say that I really haven’t been in a talkative mood and really am at a loss of words now a days. If any of that makes sense. What I do want to say is a big THANK YOU for your wonderful comment. I wish I could really express into words how grateful I am for the comment, but I can’t. All I can say again is THANKS so much for the support, encouragement and your words. Not profound words but it comes from my heart.

  6. That last sentence didn’t sound right. I wanted to say that MY words are not profound, but come from my heart. The words you speak are so meaningful and awesome and I know they come from your heart as well.

  7. Kim…it sure seems like several of us are struggling right now. What’s up with that? But we can all dig out way outta this jungle. 🙂

    I love your photo. Thanks for sharing.

    Don’t forget…YOU ROCK!!!!!

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