Can you say Zumba?!

I am in no way shape or form a dancer. I have little coordination at this point and aerobics classes are a challenge in themselves to keep my feet moving in the right direction with the right timing. I do however have fun being silly on a dance floor at a good wedding or some other celebratory gathering. But a club dancer I am not. For one I just can’t get into the whole bump n grind dancing that goes on there. Not now and I highly doubt that will change when I am skinny…except maybe with my husband of course 🙂 but certainly not in public.

With that said, I went with a friend to a Zumba class last night. I never thought I would do one of these classes given my lack of coordination mentioned above, but I will pretty much do anything for a friend. And this friend needed someone to go with her. I am hoping she will find something that will keep her moving in this direction that she really enjoys. Anyway, I digress. This class was actually fun! But not as difficult as 20/20/20 or 3-2-1.

It was quite comical. 10 Ladies in this tiny dance classroom, dancing to Latin and hip hop music in front of a big mirror. I kept up pretty good and when I had no idea what they were doing with their feet…something like heel, toe, tap tap switch feet…and again…I just moved my feet around as fast as possible and moved in the general direction that they did (so I didn’t crash into anyone). Besides needing quick feet, we got to pretend we were riding a horse and swinging a lasso)that was the BEST!), we got to crump? I think that is what it is called, we got to do a small version of the macarena, and then there was what I call the gorilla dance. Yes, friends the gorilla dance. Stand with your legs wide and take wide steps forward forward back back and now swing your arms and bend over slightly…do this really fast! Then on to the butt dance. Legs hip distance apart, tighten the legs and shake the patutee so that your but jiggles and shakes really fast…now shimmy! On top of all that extreme hilarity then came the hip swings.

Yes my friends, I swing my hips, circled my hips, and even thrust my hips. Many times. Sometimes it was a kind of swing dance swinging. Then there was the squat lower and rotate/gyrate the hips. Other times it was a basic circling of the hips like hula hooping. And I think you know the definition of thrust! I felt like I was on a club dance floor except I wasn’t being sandwiched by others. I was doing this line dance style. It was weird. Scandalous even!!! HAHA

All in all, I would do this with my friend if that is what it will take for her to go back or if it was offered for free at my gym, but I wouldn’t pay special money for it. While it was fun, it wasn’t a huge workout for me. But that is just me. This would however be a great class to take right before I get married…so I can learn to dance for my husband! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! (Sorry Kenny, You might want to erase that from your memory!)

Until then, I will most definitely continue to enjoy my uncoordinated, off beat celebratory dancing at weddings and other such gatherings! Dang I got two of those coming up in June!! How much can I lose by then so I can look smoking!!!????


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