All right!! All Right!! Already!

I have gotten enough comments/emails about my ticker and how it appears to be inaccurate that I have finally taken the time to change it….again. I especially get the emails after writing that I have lost 43 LBS, but my ticker shows 27. (or any other time I write about the amount I have lost!) Those that are new to the blog and don’t feel like reading back or don’t remember…I had 2 tickers for two different scales. I didn’t want to forget that I had lost 16 LBS on the one scale so I left it there.

In reality, to have one ticker that is accurately reflecting what I have lost, required adding both losses to my current weight to get my more accurate starting weight. THAT my friends is what I didn’t want to do.

Yes I am all about living in reality and owning what is true and all that other stuff I have talked about…and while I am all about it, I am still human. I am not perfect and frankly I did not want to OWN that I really started at 356 LBS and that THAT has been my highest weight ever! I did not want to put THAT out there so blatantly. However, if you all did your own math in your heads…you would be able to figure that out…and that was somehow ok with me.

SO now you have it! I still shy away from the hard core truth at times. I still try like hell to live in fantasy land at times. But eventually, the truth always comes out, someway somehow. Now you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, in September 2008, I weighed 356 LBS! Not such a nice number to have displayed out there…but nice is not always true now is it?

Tomorrow, I found out if I lost again…can I make it 9 weeks of losses in a row?

I have NO IDEA what tomorrow will bring on the scale. But I do know that it will bring me right back to the track or the gym or any other place that will allow me to exercise outside of the bitter cold of this lingering Michigan winter!

For those curious about Saturday…unfortunately, I will not be blogging about the casting process other than to say that I am proud of the way I carried myself, presented myself and how I felt it was received by the casting director. I will say that at this time I have NOT received a call back. Regardless of that fact, it still went well because I was myself!


3 thoughts on “All right!! All Right!! Already!

  1. You’re doing an awesome job Ariel and as always I love your honesty, your positive out look on things and your bubbly personality. You are almost to below 300 and I bet you must be feeling proud of that.
    I am sure you’ll do fine in your weigh in. If not I know you’ll take it for what it is and still stay as focused and determined as ever.

    So how’s the swimming coming a long as well as the running? Have you been improving on your times?

    Hope all is going well and that you’re staying nice and cozy in that cold weather. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’ll catch up with your e-mail soon, Ok. I have forgotten you ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. SuperMan…I am not sure what I am more anxious about…hitting 50 lbs lost or become a twofer (in teh 200’s) I lost half a pound this week which while good is frustrating, more because I know I didn’t work for anything more than that. Sooo close…yes it feels so far…the time cannot pass quick enough to make either of those mile stones!

    Tail Wagger….you make me laugh…and I miss you!!! “angel glows sent to you via Angel Express!
    Swimming? Running? What is that? Do I do those things??? Yeah…havent been to the gym since last THursday…I know…that would explain only a half pound, right?

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