Why I felt great here!

I have been following this guy Jason’s blog for the last couple months because, well, he is amazing. He has lost 130 LBS and now runs ultra marathon’s and yet he still battles daily with food. He is an inspiration of what is possible for me if I stick to what I say I want! So he is having a fun little contest on his blog that is all about finding a photo that you think you look great in, regardless of size or looks and then telling him(you, my readers) why I felt great in that photo.

Well I have a couple photos.
One is of me, coming out of the water after swimming 500 meters in the Triathlon Relay I did last Labor Day. While in general, I do not like bathing suit photos, I love this one because I am doing something athletic, despite my size, with my friends and having a blast. (That is my friend Todd who came to cheer me out of the water after his swim.)I set out to do something that seemed impossible, I learned how to swim, and trained to be able to go the distance and I finished! In 2009, I will be swimming 1000 meters and perhaps in 2010, I will either do the whole thing or do 2 legs of it!

This one is me and my brother when I was about 4 1/2 years old. I have found a few old photos of me as a kid and I love this one for 2 reasons. 1. It is me and my brother appearing to be getting along. Growing up I don’t recall many times of getting along with him so it is neat to see us looking like we liked each other back then:-) Secondly, this photo was most likely taken, pre-abuse, and therefore pre-weight gain.

The last one is me running with Coach. I know, I posted this photo a few blog posts back and yes, it is a posed picture taken to show a friend, but regardless of whether this particular moment is posed or not, I can run. I am running. Another thing I never thought I would be able to do, let alone enjoy doing, on some level.

8 thoughts on “Why I felt great here!

  1. You know i am so proud of you for doing what you are doing. Those are some awesome photos and a great post. As always also very inspiring, especially the swim one. I still have this fear of the swim part of my triathlon. I’m not afraid of the water, I am just scared about doing it. It’s a bit hard to explain. here you go do all that swimming making it look so easy. πŸ™‚ You are one amazing women with so much drive, ambition, and YOU DO have a lot of motivation as well. Keep it up!

  2. Rob, Thanks for your encouragement! EASY??? ummm note the man holding me up??? πŸ™‚ My advice after one swim….make sure you practice in open water, it is much different than swimming in a pool. I am sure you will do great!!!

  3. YOu rock big time Kim. I love your pics. I especially love the one on the track. There is gym near my home with a track like that. Now I know what you have been talking about as far as running on it with people working out and such. Great job.

  4. Thanks Jason! At this point I was running and posing psat the open gym floor where there were about 100 men playing basketball!

    QuestionsforDessert, thanks for stopping by…go do what you WANT to do….run girl run!

  5. Oh Kim! I’m so glad I found your blog! You have made me cry…

    I’m over 300 pounds and have recently started working out. Somewhere along the line I learned about Sprint Triathlons and have decided to train for one, even if it takes me a year. I will also have to learn to swim properly, since I can only do about 15 meters at the moment, and badly at that. I can’t run yet, but I walk between 5 and 8 km a few times per week. I’ll have to get a bicycle and have only just started cycling in the gym. But I’m going to do this! And seeing you emerge from the water has inspired me so much!

    Your blog is truly beautiful! I will most definitely be back!

  6. Kim–You are AWESOME! I love that you did that swim, and in open water too. I’m terrified of the open water swim and have targeted a womens only tri with a pool swim for next spring. It is awesome that you accomplished this. I love your other pics too and your story. You are an inspiration!

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