I do not like them, Kim I am!

To Coach’s delight, I finally followed his advice and went and got new shoes. I went to a local store, advertised for being a runner’s dream. A place owned by runner’s, who employs runners, and trains those same avid runners to outfit feet properly.
I have to admit, I was quite intimidated to go in there. That is probably the biggest reason why I have put it off as long as I have. The “crazy” thoughts I had was that they would laugh when I told them I needed proper running shoes because I, yes I, am running! Well, that didn’t happen. And of course, just the opposite happened. They were incredibly encouraging. Asking me all sorts of questions about where I run and how much and what got me started and everything in between.


I was in the store for almost an hour! I don’t spend that much time in any one store unless it is the grocery store!!! After having to take my shoes off, roll up my pants and walk for the very kind lady, I hear a “HUH”…”Hey Nancy, come look at this!” OK that was not encouraging. SO another lady came over and watched me walk. Nancy and the other lady talked for a few minutes and determined that yes they were seeing the same thing. Apparently I have unique feet. Either that or they are very good at making me feel like I do! Here is the final assessment!
1. My feet tend to go towards the outer edge of the foot. OK, I didn’t need a special shoe store to tell me that. I know I walk on the outside edge of my shoes. But sooo much less than when I was younger!!!


2. Not only that, but at the same time I roll my feet out, my arch begins to collapse in.


3. This was not a formal part of the assessment, but my feet are HUGE! Normally I wear a size 10, but apparently in running shoes, to have proper fit you have to go a little bigger…but one foot is slightly longer than the other…so my shoes are now a size 11!!!!


With that said, they recommended a stability shoe. One that has added arch support and yet is built up on the outside also to help prevent the side foot walking. In addition, since they are built up they have a “nice, wide base” for additional support. Well, given my shoe size there were not many to choose from. Although I was quite excited when she brought out a pair of sweet looking green ones! But those didn’t work. So sad, because they LOOKED so cool!



In the end, this is what I got.


I have had 2 workouts in them. I do not like them. I am not sure whether it is just an adjustment to properly fitting shoes or not, so I am probably going to give them 1 more workout then we will see. But if I had my way right now, they would be back at the store. Here is what I don’t like/feels weird.
1. I feel like they make me turn my knees more inward, towards each other. Perhaps this is the proper position for the knees, but it feels weird.
2. I notice it pushing the outer sides of my feet up, which is probably what is affecting the knee position.
3. Ladies, do you remember back in Jr High, intentionally “switching”? You know what I am talking about! Where you walk in such a way to deliberately swing your hips from side to side? For some reason in Jr. High, my group of girlfriends thought the exaggerated hip swing was cool or sexy or …something. Well, I feel like these shoes make me do that. Now that I am NOT in Jr. High anymore and have plenty of hips, they don’t need extra help with the swing action!
4. I can’t run in them!! They are like wearing cement blocks on my feet! And this was the LIGHTEST pair I tried on! Last night I did 1 mile in them and was completely spent! I felt like I ran super slow(which Coach warned me that I might, given the additional stability stuff-he has them and calls them dorkomatics). All that gray material is additional support for the arch!
5. Today I did my aerobics class in them and tried to see what I could do as far as sprints on the treadmill. In aerobics class, it was ok. They still felt really heavy but at one point I was getting a pinch or something in my left arch. Not painful, but not right either. The sprints on the treadmill…I have been able to consistently do 1 minute sprints for the last week at 4.8. I am back to barely being able to do 30 seconds. I feel like I am starting over in running. It sucks!
I am trying to give it a couple workouts to really test them out. I am sure there needs to be some sort of adjustment period, right? And if the stuff that is just weird about how they feel is normal, then the biggest thing is the heaviness of them and I really probably do have to “start over” to some degree with my running. Grr…I do not like them!
Bonus? I got a discount for being a YMCA member…and an additional discount because while I was there, I helped them with coming up with their marqee slogan for the coming week. One side will say “Love them Local RUnners” the other side will say “Running builds strong hearts” hehehe

9 thoughts on “I do not like them, Kim I am!

  1. Kim. Loved your post. I also where a stabilizing shoe. I where the nike structure. Not sure if it would work for your foot but here is what I love about it

    It is the softest stability shoe I have used. The only down side is that it does not last as long as more firm shoes but I like them to be more cushy.

    They are light. They are by far the lightest stability shoe I have used.

    They don’t make my toe nails black (as bad, haha)

    My shoes have the grey matter to. I though I had a neutral foot strike but I guess mine is like yours a bit. Also, More than breaking the shoe in, you need to break your foot into the shoe. I would give it a couple more work outs rather than just one more. And if they are a good running company they will have no problem taking them back and giving you one that works better.

    One more thing. As you know, I have run many marathons and ultra marathons. I bought a new GPS watch yesterday at the running store I always go to. I have been going there for over a year.

    Yesterday (I am not lying either) was the FIRST time that I did not feel intimidated. They are also very nice but I always felt the same way you did. byby now

  2. Oh my goodness Jason, I am so glad you commented! Was hoping you would as teh resident expert runner!!! Seriously jsut this last time you weren’t intimidated! Sometimes I think youmake things up 🙂 Not really!

    The store said they would have no problem returning them if I needed them to, but I am anxious to get them right, because soon, tehy won’t be so local to me anymore.


  4. Wow. Shoes are such an important thing. When I first started this quest I was getting shin splints every time I attempted running. It wasn’t until I changed to a different shoe (and ran an entire stadium of stairs) that it stopped. I credit the good shoes (although after running the stairs my calves were cramped for an entire week and I think they balanced out whatever was going on with the shin. 🙂

    I’m going to have to find a good store like that next time I purchase shoes. I have just been reading a lot of shoe reviews and choosing on my own (in large part due to the intimidation factor). I found some that I loved and then they quit making them. I haven’t been nearly as happy with the last pair I purchased.

  5. Glad you went out there and did get a pair. As you know proper shoes are important in many aspects. I am not an expert though so I should leave all the great comment to Jason. I hope that the shoes work out for you. You do need to give them some time though. Like you said if your not happy you can always return them.
    Now maybe the next time you won’t be an intimidated. i am proud of you for making this step out there.

    Now as my trainer goes. I hope he’ll at least stop by my blog and say Hi every now and then. I’m sure I’ll be able to contact him via phone or e-mail so it’s not like it’s a good-bye forever. But you so know what I am going through and it’s a bit of an adjustment. Still not happy with it, but I am happy for him.
    Have a good day there.

  6. TOday’s workout with the shoes was better…will possibly blog about it tomorrow, if I have time. Heading out for the evening now, then will likely be pretty busy all day tomorrow…church, gym, friends, possible sushi night with more friends…hmmmmI hope sushi is tomorrow…I really want it….and we are making it ourselves!

  7. I know it takes time to adjust to appropriate running shoes, but I would still go back to the store right now and tell them these things. They will listen to you and either give you great advice, or find you another shoe. That’s the benefit of spending $150 on a pair of good running shoes. I LOVE mine, and they support my still 275 pound frame very well. I say get your money’s worth and go back for a reassessment. Either that or call me so I can watch you run like a baby gazelle. 🙂

  8. Thanks all for your advise on the shoes….the ugly dorkomatics are staying. And since I discovered that they are the exact same shoe, except in girl style and light blue instead of navy, as Coach’s they now get the same nickname as Coach’s. DOrkomatics!

    It took a couple days to get used to walking with my knees pulled in a bit but we agreed that was my body getting used to walking in proper alignment. I can now run the track and do my regular sprints and the slight pinching in the left arch is gone and hasn’t been there for days….just took some breaking in of my feet to the shoe I guess. Still wish they were a sweet green, but perhaps next time I can order them in a different color!

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