Meet Coach!

Tailwagger! This is for you!! This is the man I call Coach. He isn’t “really” a coach, he has just acts like one and since he knows stuff about EVERYTHING, I tend to listen to him. Notice, my legs are stretched out, but HE is practically stepping on his toes to keep his stride short enough to keep up with me, or to allow me to keep up with him!
At this point last night, I was DONE, but alas I told a friend I would take a picture with coach because she wanted to see me running next to a guy 10 inches taller than me. (she thinks I am tall) Anyway, I did Pilate’s and ran/walked 1 mile in the morning. Later I went back for spin class with the boys, but decided to see if I could do 2 classes in a row! I don’t think I will be doing that again. In the second class I hardly did any standing runs at all (I don’t always do these), but I refused to lighten my resistance. I figured if I was gonna attempt 2 in a row, I would attempt it all the way. I made it through, but today….my ASS hurts!!! I think I burned 3000 calories yesterday! That was the fun part!
Oh and I lost 5 LBS this past week! Whoo HOO!!!! I am now at a grand total of 37 LBS which is just over 10% of me is gone from when I started!!! SO EXCITING!!!!!
Grrr…stupid formatting, I can’t get my paragraphs to separate!

8 thoughts on “Meet Coach!

  1. Coach looks like Bob from TBL in this photo…I love it! You are a fabulous woman, I giggled so many times throughout this post. Great job on the weight loss! I lost 6 this week myself. We’re doing it! FYI: The formatting isn’t your fault, it’s the person who created the HTML. If you change layouts, it will probably be fine. (Of course you’d lose that gorgeous header)

  2. I too thought that was Bob from TBL. 🙂 Your doing a great job there and way to go on the weight loss. We are all so proud of you.
    I too can’t say No to a challenge or a good honest competition. Love to push myself and I know I need to do that more, especially with running. Well off to the gym I go for my cardio and weight training. seeing that picture though reminded me of how much I’ll miss my trainer. 😦

  3. You guys are crazy! No WAY he looks like Bob!! I mean…ok they both have face scruff….but Coach is 6’5″, Bob is not…COach has black hair, Bob has blondish brown. Ummm Bob is HOT and while Coach is a good looking guy, I just can’t see him as HOT, but perhaps that is cuz he is my friend and I don’t typically place friends in the HOT category! However, he will get a kick out of these comments!

  4. Oh, thank you for the post. Now, see if we were running together – you’d be doing the short, choppy steps.

    It’s all perspective, isn’t it?

    I love the picture. You even managed to smile. I’m impressed. (Smile/grimace is about the same when you’re running your guts out, fyi. Which, I say from experience.)

    Love, love, love it!

  5. ummmm guys…this is a posed picture….hence the smile…I ran from that corner railing back there just for the camera. OK we had to do 2 takes…the first one I did run around the track 1 lap…but still….was NOT actually working out in this moment! Was waayyy too tired! 🙂

    I had someone in real life tell me that COach looks like Bob Harper tonight!! Soo wierd to me!!!

  6. Kim I get a huge kick out of your posts…and even these comments. Thanks for making me smile! Off for my run which I totally do not want to do….

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