Bump in the Road, Need to Fix a Flat!

Today, as I was sitting here, figuring out how much I ate today, I realized I haven’t been tracking in my spreadsheet this week what I have been eating. I don’t think I have gone over calories as I have had a mental tally in my head each day, but I also know I have not been as diligent in looking up the calories either since I was not writing them down.

Being in a new, temporary place has messed with my routine. Previously, my laptop was always on or near me. Before I would even eat, I would log what I was about to eat unless I was not at home. At this home, my laptop is packed away since I can’t use it for the internet and I have been using the computer here in the house. Where I am going, there won’t be wireless access for my laptop, therefore, I am going to need to change some things up. I am thinking that my spreadsheet will have to be online, probably as a google document, so that I can access it anytime, from any computer, just by logging in.

Here is the other thing, having a big loss in one week seems to have given me a lazy attitude about all of this. AS IF I HAVE TIME OR ROOM TO BE LAZY IN THIS!!! Small things, like I can have that piece of chocolate, because I lost 5 lbs. Or extra rice or whatever won’t be a big deal, because I lost 5 lbs. It doesn’t help that in the week I lost 5 lbs, I had 2 days off from the gym, had cookies at a Super Bowl party and wings while out with friends one night! While I don’t feel guilty for those luxuries and I really did allow room for them in my calories for the most part, I cannot allow it to justify current behavior.

So, I will work on getting a google document set up. In the meantime, I will at least write things down on a piece of paper. And no more lazy thinking. I have to be just as diligent this week as I have been in the past. Especially in the week before I move home which will be such a huge transition week. I HAVE to go into that one feeling strong and confident and not defeated lest all the changes get the best of me!

PS Angie…I know you are gonna read this….who do you know from my collage photos???


4 thoughts on “Bump in the Road, Need to Fix a Flat!

  1. Have I mentioned lately that YOU ROCK?!?!?! Well…you do!

    It’s a good plan to write things down on paper until you get things back to normal or some new version of normal. šŸ™‚ It is so easy to start getting lazy.

  2. Thanks Jenn! New Normal…that is it!!BTW, I have seen your happy dance….gives one something to talk about šŸ™‚ *grin*

  3. Okay, so I totally do this with sugar! I have recently discovered that I am way more hypoglycemic than I thought. I would be considered “moderately to severe” instead of “mildly” hypoglycemic. Uh oh. So, I do the whole rationalization thing. “Well, I didn’t have any sugar at lunch, so I could have cake for dinner.” Of course, I don’t have have a small slice, but a big one. Which, then throws me all out of whack. And, you’d think I’d know better, because my mom was severely hypo for 20+ years.

    So, I commiserate with you. But, I shall be better with the sugar and you’ll be better with what you eat. We can do it!

    I agree with Jenn – use some old fashioned paper. Buy some cool looking or even ugly looking journal thing. Then you can burn the sucker at the end of this. Or frame it. Muahahah!


  4. oohhh I like the burning idea….except I think I will be counting calories for teh rest of my life!!! even when the weight is gone!

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