Follow Up to…A Different Perspective

I have been thinking for a while now that I might have to venture out onto the track and do some running there. I have actually been thinking about this since I wrote about my late night attempts at running, in the dark, so no one will see me. However, I never spoke it out loud until the other day. It is amazing how speaking something out loud makes a dream or vision that much more real.

So yesterday, I tried it and I decided to hold my head high and look around me as I did it instead of avoiding eye contact.

What an incredible time!! I walk/ran for 2 miles yesterday! I ran slower than I do on the treadmill, but I was trying to make it the whole way around the track before stopping as opposed to running a maximum of 1 minute, but still, I did it!

Here is what I noticed. When on the treadmill, it appears that no one really notices you except maybe the 1 or 2 people to your right and left. Outside of that, you are just one of 50 people lined up on the machines. However, those machines face the track. I run along the perimeter of the basketball courts, for all to see. Past the free weight and stretching areas which have mirrored walls, so even if one is not facing the track, they see what is happening on the track. Then there are all the runners and fast walkers who pass me too. There is much more exposure on the track than on the treadmill. Which means more attention.

One lady ran up next to me, and at this point I was nearing the end of a lap and had my head down, simply because I was concentrating on keeping one foot in front of the other, playing a mental game to keep running the final yards til I could walk again. Anyway, she ran up next to me, put her hand out to get my attention and when I looked up she smiled and gave me the thumbs up sign and moved on. Huh. That was different.

Another guy was leaving the “meathead area”(where the muscle builders hang out) and he was heading out to walk the track. He smiled and nodded at me as I ran past him. Then as I came around again, he had gone to the stretching area. Every time I passed him, he looked up at me and smiled. Huh. That was different.

In fact, I noticed several people as I looked around looking up at me, smiling and deliberately making eye contact with me. Now I don’t know their stories. Maybe some of them are former fatties trying to send some vibes of encouragement my way as Jason posted about on his blog. Maybe there were some that were amused at the sight of a 300+ lb woman attempting to run…or maybe there were some that were just encouraged that if “she” can do it, then I can too. Who knows. All I know, is I was encouraged to keep circling that track despite burning legs and lungs.

Today, I went again. I did Pilate’s in the morning, followed by a 2 mile run/walk. Then went to spin class tonight where I fully believe the instructor was punishing US for HIS week off, but that is another story. After a bit of a break where I talked to Coach, I decided I had enough in me to at least run/walk 1 more mile. Plus I kinda wanted to show off what I could do. Hadn’t been to the gym with him in a bit so this was new to him too. Oh what fun to actually run with someone!!! He ran/walked with me (except he skipped the last lap-WIMP!). Now you all don’t know this man I have taken to calling Coach, or most of you don’t, but he is a man that stand 6’5 and runs somewhat fast, comparatively to me anyway (he wouldn’t say he is exceptionally fast though). I am 5’7 and have 100 lbs on him. But besides weight and time spent running or physical fitness levels….his legs alone could out pace me simply by walking while I ran. So it was somewhat comical to see this man shorten his stride by half, then half again so he could match mine and not pass me. However, I had no oxygen to spare for such luxuries as laughter, so I tucked it away in my head to laugh about later! All in all, it was fun to run with him and to have him counting down how much further we had to go. Normally I am playing the mental game of telling myself…one more corner, just this section of weights, only 20 more paces….but instead he did it for me! So fun! Oh how I will these men in my daily life!

10 thoughts on “Follow Up to…A Different Perspective

  1. I love the counting down. When I ran, I did the same thing. “Okay, I can make it to that mailbox” or “I made it to the mailbox, I can make it to the end of the block”. And so on. It is waaaay nice to have someone else do the count down for you.

    It would be interesting to see you running next to a guy who’s 10 inches taller than you. Cuz, in my wee world, you’re TALL.


    Keep it up gorgeous.

  2. That is a great job you did their by going out and it had to be a good feeling to be noticed by others. When i ran outside it was 3 AM so nobody would notice me. Plus it was the only time I could fit in in before my 6 AM weight training workout. Either way you are amazing and you should feel so proud of yourself for this and all your accomplishments. You are getting more fitter as each day passes. 🙂

  3. Good job Kim! And I just have to say how impressed I am that you go to spin class. I’ve gone four times — all as part of a weight loss competition I was in. It was the most torturous thing ever and I didn’t like it at all (and that says a lot, because I usually like anything exercise related). It was yucky! You’re my hero!

  4. Thanks all!! It feels good to be where I am today!

    Teresa, I hated it at first too and swore I would never do it again….but boredom drove me back. It is much better going with someone knowing you aren’t the onlyone being tortured!

  5. Ah! I found you on Jason’s blog, and I love what I see here sis. Too bad we don’t live closer, I’d be happy to run with you. Nice to see another woman running who is not a size 6. Kudos!

  6. Yea, if I lived closer I’d love to run will all of you great guys and gals too.
    By the way thanks Kim for your insight on things. Your post gave me a lot to think about and reading what you had to say made me realize that I don’t think about what my original vision of what I wanted to accomplish. I guess I just forgot about the reason reason why I started this journey in the first place. Thanks for giving me that wake up call. I needed that. 🙂
    Now know disrespect to you or the other gals here, but sometimes I do feel like a women during that time of month. God, I can get so moody, emotional and just plain miserable. 🙂 So I thought that was kind of funny when you mentioned that. You really have lifted my spirits.
    I am back to stay no matter how tough it gets. I do need all of you to keep me in my place and set me straight when i act all stupid and such. That’s why I love this community we have here; it’s so supportive, awesome and something that I really need in order to continue to make my journey a successful one.

  7. Angie….thanks for reading! I cannot believe you are reading EVERYTHING!!! There is a lot here! I look forward to getting to kow you! WHo in teh world do you know from my collage???? Seriously??? COme on now!!!You gotta tell me!!!

    Rob, glad I could help. ANything I say is my own lectures and reminders to myself and why my friends remind me of when I get in those funks!!! Vision is a huge one. On another note…I fully believe men have their own version of PMS! SO no worries…9 Hershey kisses is only 200 calories and I can make it last all day if I need to! But I am sure to count the calories!

  8. Yeah, in Las Vegas everything is open 24/7 for the most part. As a matter of fact my gym is open 24/7 365 days a year. It stays open on ALL holidays. So being a member I have no excuse not to go because it is always open. I understand your feeling about the cold. it is hard to get motivated when its that cold, but I know you can do it. You have to swim 1000 meters. God for my triathlon I only have to swim about 500 meters and here I am complaining when you have to do twice the distance. You go girl!

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