Good Day…Bad Day….Good Day…

This morning I got up and joined a friend at her YMCA to try a class out called “the Last Chance Workout”. Just the name of it invokes fear and apprehension and yet I was somewhat excited to try it and see how far I could go. Well, anything cardio I could mostly keep up with…for at least the first 20 minutes of it anyway. Then she had us do this thing. I don’t know what it is called so I will describe it to you. First you get into push up position. Regular push ups, not girl push up position, but you have towels under your toes. Then, you begin to walk your hands forward, dragging your body behind you, all the while staying up in push up position. Then you turn yourself around, without getting out of position and walk back. At that point, you stop, remain in position and bring one knee up to your chest (oh but stay in position) and back again repeatedly, then you switch legs and start again. Oh an d don’t forget to breathe and hold your core tight, and umm stay in position.

Let’s just say I could NOT do this. I mean I am getting stronger and all, believe me I am, but carrying 300+ lbs around on just my arms is a bit much…dontcha think? So I did some Pilate’s push ups instead while everyone else dragged themselves around. Little did I know the next thing was push ups off the step….

Later in the class she had us put 4 risers under our step then do a two footed jump up. I have often thought that looked pretty simple while watching it on The Biggest Loser and wondered what the big deal was. Why is there so much fear involved in jumping up? I didn’t get it. I mean I could get jumping down ( I don’t like to jump off things) but jumping up? Really? OK. I get it. It is hard and it is scary. First off, it is 12-14 inches up. But beyond that, what if I fall? Now that would look silly and be horrifyingly embarrassing. What if I miss and trip over the step? What if….? What if…? Yeah What if. So what. I tried it. I couldn’t jump that high with both feet landing at the same time. I did the best I could. But once again, I will not judge TBL contestants until I have jumped where they have jumped.

On another note, I have a special project I am working on tomorrow and I am a tad nervous to say the least. I have been in the kitchen far more frequently than necessary last night and today and it is only 1 PM and I was gone for 3 hours this morning. I even bought a can of pringles. That is when I realized what was going on…”uh-oh, put the can down, count how many you ate (or think you ate) then add 10 more…then count the calories…” So calories are counted, and now I am much more aware of what is going on…nerves are driving my eating today far more than hunger or my plan…. HA! Satan thinks he is wily to sneak old habits in on me!! Back to my plan…back to my plan…and just for those chips, I will be back at the gym tonight sometime!


4 thoughts on “Good Day…Bad Day….Good Day…

  1. Wow that is quite a workout. By the way i hate any type of push ups., even girlie ones. I only do them because my trainer insists that I do them and if I complain then I have to do something harder. He’s worst than a drill Sargent. 🙂 You are doing great and getting active is hard but you are doing and living it.
    Good job also on the 3 lb lost and for resisting those chips. See you can do it and recognize what’s good and bad choices ( like you said Bye Bye Satan) and I am sure you’ll bring all that with you to Detroit.
    COFFEE is what helps me at 3 AM. Not a lot but a cup or two helps me with the energy. I love being an early bird so that helps too.
    Keep up the great job.

  2. Thank Rob for stopping by and for the encouragement! And that was jsut a portion of the workout. That wasn’t even the whole thing. THe class was a full hour and if you wanted to stretch afterwards you had to stay for a stretching class!

  3. Wow! That sounds like quite the work out. We do a lot of that stuff in my boot camp class and I really struggle with it. We do the first one you described at least monthly. Ours is in a basketball gym and I usually barely make it to the foul line, but every time I do it I see progress. I think the most important thing is to just keep trying. WTG! YOU ROCK!

  4. Kim the Fearless! You continue to amaze me as you step up to face the challenges that come your way either by those around you or the ones that you impose on yourself. Keep that spirit and attitude you are a winner!!!

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