Not so Wonky anymore!

It has been almost a week since I last blogged and all you poor readers must think that I have been living all wonked out in the head all week long. I tell you, my craziness bounces around from day to day. One day I am really struggling and the next I am fine.

Last weeks wonkiness is over, at least for now. I stopped weighing myself daily as that was part of the problem. I worked hard at eating my calories for the day, of course I didn’t always meet it but I am working on a system to guarantee no failure in this department! It is called pre-planning! No more of this, “Oh crap! it is midnight and I am 400 calories short!” I am still pushing for 2 hours a day/6 days a week for working out, but I refuse to feel guilty for not being there on my day off.

As for my move…On Tuesday night I had a few men come over and help load my truck! They were amazing! Then on Wednesday, I drove my stuff to my new home in Detroit! For the most part, and on most days, I feel good about this move and I feel very strong about my ability to succeed even there. In my current home, I buy all my groceries so I have complete control of what comes into the house and what does not. I have a great system in place for splurging on “bad stuff”. I eat my serving then give the rest to my men friends! Here is the reality I saw while at my new home, with my mom yesterday! On top of the fridge were 3 bags of chips, a big tub of candy, particularly chocolate, ice cream in the freezer and cereal that is in NO WAY healthy whatsoever, I don’t care if it says whole grain on it. Fortunately, there were no Slim Jim’s around this time, but they are often there. This is all stuff I grew up on. All things I love. In addition to the bad snack stuff, I also grew up on all things fried. Fried chicken, pork chops, fish. If it could be fried, it was. So this will be a challenge to say the least! But despite that fresh reminder of the kinds of temptations I will be facing, I still feel strong and ready. Despite my feelings today, be aware my core team….you might be getting some extra text messages and phone calls! I might need you more than ever before!!

What I am looking forward to in Detroit:

*Finding an amazing church that I can call home and get involved in
*Creating the kind of relationships there that I have here, but never did while there the last time because I just wanted to be here!
*Spending loads of time wrestling with my 8 nieces and nephews and WINNING
*Finding new workout buddies (Sorry Adam, Mike and the occasional Aaron, you will NEED to be replaced on this front)
*Spending time with “my girls” Jen, Clacker and Wizi, I miss you!!
*Spending time with my brothers, especially Ken.
*a JOB??? Perhaps a job will actually be in my future!! I hope so!

I am sure there are more things, but those are the highlights. For now, I remain in GR for the next 2 weeks, saying my goodbyes, and trying not to die from the cats in the house that I will be house sitting for.

Oh by the way, I lost 3 LBS this week! Yahoo!!


2 thoughts on “Not so Wonky anymore!

  1. Kim…so glad you aren’t so wonky! 🙂 Great job losing 3 lbs!! I’m super proud of you for working out 2 hr a day/6 days a week! That’s amazing. I’ve done it a few times…but can’t kick myself in gear enough to do it every day.

    Keep up the good work. I’m praying for you. Jen

  2. It helps Jennileigh when I have classes to take. IT fills the time so easily. If I had to figure out what to do by myself for 2 hours a day…not so sure I would make it. It also helps to have Adam and Mike at the gym, they are usually there that long and I jsut CAN”T so less than them!!! (that’s my competetive side coming through)

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