A different perspective

I was reading a blog this week by a guy who has lost 130 lbs in 1 year. His story is incredible and following his continued journey has been awesome. He posted this blog. It is amazing how as a skinny person he is able to capture my thoughts so clearly about what I think others are thinking as I workout at the gym. I often don’t look fellow gym rats in the eyes as I enter or exit the gym. I don’t work out WITH people and I don’t talk to people while actually working out. If someone I know does talk to me, I stop what I am doing and talk.

The other cool thing about this blog is that he puts his real perspective on it. What he really thinks as a fit guy running a trail and seeing a new person or a fat person running as well. He is genuinely excited for them and hopes that we fat people see that in his eyes as he watches them and not the judgement that we expect.

All this to say, this world is not as horrible as we think it is. Most people probably don’t think what we think they are thinking. More people would probably encourage me on my way, if only I would let them in. And really, how many of those “fit” people I see at the gym are actually former fatties themselves just working hard to keep it off?

So with that, I am gonna continue to Run as though no one is watching, and perhaps…just maybe…you might get some eye contact from me as I run…


4 thoughts on “A different perspective

  1. I really appreciate this and I read homeboy’s blog too. I see people here in SoCal running, biking, working out ALL THE TIME. Truly, I cheer them on in my head as I drive by or sometimes out loud in my car (they can’t hear me though). I see people of all shapes and sizes. I appreciate that everyone is trying – even if they are barely shuffling along. I want to encourage them because I know I personally don’t have the oomph to do it. So I applaud them all because they are DOING it when I cannot or choose not. GOOD FOR THEM and GOOD FOR YOU KIM!

  2. TailWagger, I am so glad you stopped by! Soo appreciate your comments! I thougth of you on SUnday after a friend of mine told me I was glowing. Boy if he only knew how I once “glowed”

    Love you!

    Angel glows!

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