Why oh WHY must my girls be among the first to leave me always??

I think men have it easy. When they lose weight it seems to come off evenly all over their body. But us women…not so much the case. Women in fact (insert “I”) tend to lose weight from the top down. Namely our boobs (aka “the girls”) are among the first to go.

**Note to the men** No worries fellas, if you keep reading this entry, it will not get any more graphic than this. I thought about censoring this post for your sakes, then decided not to. It is part of my story…and makes for a somewhat humorous angle of the weight loss journey….at least to us women anyway…you don’t have to read it!

While I am excited to be losing weight, I am not excited about this particular loss. Mainly because of the cost to re-dress the girls. Items to support “the girls” are some of the most expensive pieces of fabric a woman owns. (Now this is a rant about the cost of brassieres!) But seriously folks, these items contain the least amount of fabric of anything else I would wear (with exception of a good power panty, of course)! And yet they cost the most to replace. It is one thing to replace them because they are old and you have gotten your money’s worth from them, but what a waste to replace them before their life is over!

The industry knows us women. They know that on some level and in some odd sort of way, us women derive a portion of our self confidence from the items of clothing no one will ever see (at least in my case anyway-or until I am married) We pay big bucks to make sure the girls are well supported and dressed beautifully. I wonder what would happen if woman around the world went on strike and refused to pay these big bucks? Hmmm I don’t think it will happen.


4 thoughts on “Why oh WHY must my girls be among the first to leave me always??

  1. I hear you girl! I’ve notice that my own girls have reduced in size — but it’s a good thing. My cups have been running over. 🙂 I have a few more (in various sizes) in the closet. I’m hoping to get by for a couple of months.

  2. HAHHAH I am not sure that is what God meant when he was talking about our cups running over!!!! LOL…I jsut dont like the exense to replace…

  3. HAHAHAH Oh my!!! This is funny, as I have gotten more comments like this from men…not necessarily on the blog but about the blog and in email! I hear you guys!!!

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