Goal Dress

While in Tennessee for Christmas, my drop dead gorgeous cousin (if I didn’t love her so much I would hate her) showed me this dress. I told her that no matter how long it takes, she is NOT allowed to get rid of it until I can fit into it. Here is a picture of my cousin and a picture of the dress. Isn’t it sexy?? I love it!! Can you just imagine me in this? I cannot yet…but I want to be able to. With that said, I am gonna grab a bite to eat then go run before spin class!!

One final photo, is me as I am today. I will take another one in the same outfit in a couple months and see where I am then.

2 thoughts on “Goal Dress

  1. Hey Kim,

    The goal dress is beautiful and definitely sexy. You can do it!! Your workout yesterday sounded amazing. I’m not there yet. 🙂 Usually, I jump into things so hard that within a week or so I burnout because of pain and overuse injury. So…I’m taking it a little easier this time around. I hope that isn’t a cop out for not doing more. Anyway…you are doing so awesome. Keep up the GREAT work!!


    P.S. What part of the country to you live in? I’m in GA.

  2. What a great goal! You just hang in there, keep working out hard, and eating right and you will be in that dress before you know it. Having a concrete, tangible goal like that always helps me to stay focused! You Go Girl!

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