The beginnings of a new body

When one has been fat her whole life, it is hard to imagine what a body might look like or feel like as the weight comes off. I have even heard that many people who have been seriously over weight for such a long period of time as I have, have trouble seeing their new body as it really is and not as it was. I hope that doesn’t become the case with me, and I have reason to hope that it won’t.

This may sound weird, but I was noticing yesterday the tenderness in the muscles that I used in my workout. I noticed that my stomach was sore and of course I know that means somewhere underneath everything else lies some muscles called abs. 🙂 I noticed that my calves were a bit tender and as I rubbed them I noticed how they are rock solid when flexed. That means more muscle….although as I continue to lose weight I hope I lose some, not all, of that too! I then noticed my arms and when I attempted to flex a muscle…one actually popped up. OK, not up but there was definitely a point at which I no longer felt fleshy fatty skin and it also wasn’t quite bone either. But the muscle I am most tickled by is my butt!! I actually have one! A butt muscle that is. Technically they are called glutes, I know, but it is much more fun to say butt! Did you know that the gluteous maximus is the strongest muscle in the body?

“The “gluteus maximus” is the strongest muscle in the body and covers a large part of the buttock. It connects the ilium, sacrum, and coccyx to the femur by tissues of the thigh and acts to extend the thigh. The gluteus maximus causes the leg to straighten at the hip when a person walks, runs, or climbs. It is also used to raise the body from a sitting position.” quoted at this website

And now I have one of those!!! Without it, I wouldn’t be able to do much of anything using my lower body!

This may seem humorous and weird to all you people who have never struggled with weight or weight loss, but to me this is incredibly delightful! What an exciting thing to celebrate as my body slowly but surely is coming back in line with the way God intended it to be. Strong and healthy. It is something to celebrate regardless of whether the lbs go down on the scale or not.

So while I am in a good place today…to all of you who read and are struggling with weight loss too. Take note of your body today and enjoy the changes that are taking place. The scale is not the only measure of becoming healthy.


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