More than gloves and hats!

Just a funny story, that I woke up laughing about!

Yesterday, West Michigan got ridiculous amounts of snow dumped on us from heaven above. And while most people would think, it is crazy to go out in this mess….I went. I had things to do. Getting back home was a problem though. The snow plows had come through on the cross streets leaving the entrance to my street blocked. So instead I went to a friends house. He has a HUGE driveway that needed to be shoveled/snow blown so that his roommates could come home. So while he is snow blowing, I of course offer to help despite being in a suit as I had just come from an interview.

This nameless friend says to me ( who happens to NOT have weight issues), “Hey Kim, I might have an extra pair of snow pants you could wear.”
Me: Uuummm yeah right! Friend, your pants will NOT fit me!
Friend: Well, you don’t know that, I have some pretty big snow pants.
Me: Friend, I appreciate you and the offer so much but I can assure you that there is no way that your BIGGEST pants would fit me and honestly it would be way too embarrassing for me to even try and find out.

Now throughout this conversation, I am laughing. This friend knows me…he knows I have been losing weight, and he knows some of my struggle. In the past I might have been mortified about this conversation, but I was just greatly amused. It is clear to me….that my friends, or at least he, does not see my weight first and me second…they/he just sees ME.

All of this makes me realize a new goal….I want to be able to borrow a pair of snow pants in a pinch if necessary and not just the hats and gloves that he has in a basket in his house.

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